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Our fabrics are exclusively selected from natural sources to obtain sustainability.
Using premium linens and other natural materials is the most basic concept of our brand.
The aim is to use more recycled fabrics the more we grow.

We use the most effective way of recyclable packaging which is the basic cardboard boxing system, a sustainable and an environmentally friendly item.
Eco friendly

In the rare cases where we need to use a non sustainable material, we make sure that it is either recycled or recyclable. Choosing environmentally friendly textiles is our main task.

Minimized waste
Many sustainable companies believe in (reduce, reuse and recycle) but mainly focus on the latter. At Chaldene, we have eliminated the use of plastic.
We do not believe in mass production or big packages.

We also minimize our waste by making hair scrunchies with any extra fabric we have.
Our products are completely natural and recyclable.


We aim to change and inspire a change of culture and society towards a more ethical and sustainable future. This planet has given us everything and it’s our duty to take care of it. CHALDENE is more than just a brand. It is an awareness movement towards a greener planet.
The road towards sustainability is not an easy one. We do not claim to be perfect, but we surely do our due diligence to put the environment first.



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