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    • What is Chaldene?

    Chaldene, also known as Jupiter XXI, is a retrograde irregular satellite of Jupiter.
    • What is different about Chaldene?
    Chaldene is one of the very few Middle Eastern brands that are combining luxury with sustainability in the everyday wear.
    We only choose premium natural materials without the need for mass production.
    • What kind of materials do you use?
    We are proud to say we only use natural biodegradable materials to obtain sustainability and to produce long lasting garments.
    • What is special about natural materials?
    Natural fibers are known to be better not only for the environment but also for our health. With the right care, it should be very long lasting.
    • How clothes affects our mental health? 

    Starting with materials, fits, shapes and all the way down to color choices. What we wear has a direct affect on our mindset and mood. Based on actual scientific facts, the team at Chaldene did a research regarding this matter and came up with a set of materials, fits and colors to help you escape the stress and melt into relaxation. 

    • How clothes affect our physical health?

    It is proven that certain materials such as linen  and other natural fibers, has many benefits to the human body. Natural fibers has the ability to balance the body’s temperature, which leads to the genuine feeling of comfort and relief. The loose fitted clothes also has a major role regarding the flow of blood in our veins and body circulation. 

    • Why should we invest in loungewear? 

    We stay most of our time at home and we spend about one-third of our life either sleeping or attempting to do so. Seeking comfort and peacefulness in the everyday wear is a luxury not recognized by everyone. Wearing sustainable materials not only helps the environment but also helps us as consumers in becoming more aware as to what and why we should purchase certain pieces. When you invest in a long lasting loungewear/sleepwear, you actually invest in your mental and physical health.

    • Will the out of stock items be back to stock?
    We are not a bulk production brand, but we will keep certain items as classics and do our best to always bring them back.
    • What is your return policy?
    If you are not happy with your item you can get a full refund after shipping back your unworn undamaged items in original packaging within 10 days after receiving the order. 
    • What is your exchange policy?
    Our goal is to have satisfied customers. So if you needed to exchange your unused goods in original packaging we will gladly serve you if you ship them back within 10 days after receiving the item.
    • What are your shipping strategies?
    For orders from Saudi Arabia we ship on weekdays using our couriers at Aramex.
    For orders from GCC we ship on weekdays using our couriers at Aramex.
    • When will i receive my order?
    For Riyadh based orders, delivery wobe within 2-5 days.
    For Saudi based orders, delivery would be with 4-7 days.
    For all other orders, delivery would be within one to two weeks. 
    • How can i track my order? 
    The shipping company will contact you using your provided information and send you your tracking and delivery details. 

    • What happens if I receive a damaged or a missing product in my shipment? 
    In the case of receiving a damaged or a missing item please contact us at Or DM us on instagram @Chaldeneco and we will be happy to serve you.